2 күн мурун
TRUTH OR DRINK!!!   ft. Niki Demar
Coming for LaurDIYs Brand!!
5 ай мурун
Sisters Swap Aesthetics!
6 ай мурун
Buying My DREAM Car!!     *i cried
emma peng
emma peng 20 саат мурун
cold brew
Wa ta shii wa
Wa ta shii wa 23 саат мурун
We need more of these
Ai Ai
Ai Ai 23 саат мурун
Chicken nuggets!
Emilie Allen
Emilie Allen 23 саат мурун
lol 😂 alisha you were so drunk hahahah can’t remember how many times I laughed every time she is gasped lol 😂
Emily S
Emily S Күн мурун
Lol! Eva-Brent! Alisha-I want to know I can jump into their arms and they can hold me. Eva- not Brent!!
Marcela Jones
Marcela Jones Күн мурун
“fletcher hates meee” lol why
Erich Pearl Aras
Erich Pearl Aras Күн мурун
I don't even like you
Erich Pearl Aras
Erich Pearl Aras Күн мурун
I hate you
Erich Pearl Aras
Erich Pearl Aras Күн мурун
Your over acting
Erich Pearl Aras
Erich Pearl Aras Күн мурун
Why are you annoying
Erich Pearl Aras
Erich Pearl Aras Күн мурун
Erich Pearl Aras
Erich Pearl Aras Күн мурун
Like they're really annoying
Erich Pearl Aras
Erich Pearl Aras Күн мурун
They're annoying
Erich Pearl Aras
Erich Pearl Aras Күн мурун
Am I the only one that think they're over acting
S Ali
S Ali Күн мурун
aariusvangg Күн мурун
THE MOMENT WHERE YOU WERE LIKE “oh okay she’s not gonna get the toy” and you looked back and was like “purrr queen get that toy” PERIOD ASF💕
Khloe Verdugo
Khloe Verdugo Күн мурун
Everyone else in a situation where they need to use the taser : “ turns on Taser” Me: turns on flashlight instead of taser-
Milana Gulla
Milana Gulla Күн мурун
I got my first cell phone in second grade because of cheer
Milana Gulla
Milana Gulla Күн мурун
I got my first phone in second grade because of cheet
Bayla vlogs
Bayla vlogs Күн мурун
I found the elf brown sugar lip bomb at Walmart
Wesley Forster
Wesley Forster Күн мурун
omg this was a year ago today
Sarah Foerster
Sarah Foerster Күн мурун
Does your brother have kids?
Brenda Delgado
Brenda Delgado Күн мурун
did you check the ingredients of that almond butter?
Emily Szeto
Emily Szeto Күн мурун
Alisha: I got my phone in 8th grade Me: I'm 8 and I got my phone today.
Isabella Diestro
Isabella Diestro Күн мурун
LMAO I love this
Sharvaye Little-feakins
Sharvaye Little-feakins Күн мурун
I got my first cell phone at 6 years old
Piinkstar17 Күн мурун
i feel like they never actually spill tea in these lol just drink to save face
Reyna Kondaveeti
Reyna Kondaveeti Күн мурун
If I had someone else’s credit card I would be so scared that something would happen and that I would lose it or something that I just wouldn’t buy anything because I might leave it somewhere
AshTheIntroverted Күн мурун
I was a fan the year they got Chloe and seeing that they still have her when I come back makes me so happy
Chiara Күн мурун
I wish I could see her ex reacting to this video😭❤️
ItsJanelle Күн мурун
i love drunk alisha 😂
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace Күн мурун
Pineapple or watermelon with the tajin stuff is bomb!!
ItsJanelle Күн мурун
i think eva has hands lowkey 😭
Shaliek Күн мурун
5:11 every little sister
Stephanie Williams
Stephanie Williams Күн мурун
Molly Allen
Molly Allen Күн мурун
The dance one is sending me😭😭😭
ItsMsTiffanyRe G
ItsMsTiffanyRe G Күн мурун
My two favorite youtuber. This bring back memories in 2015, I was 20. It been long time y'all both film video together🥰. OH MY GOD🤭😆😂 PLEASE COLLAB MORE
Shaliek Күн мурун
4:37 me
MorghanNoelle Күн мурун
“it’s so expensive!” “let’s get two”
Chantelle Jordaan
Chantelle Jordaan Күн мурун
I don't know these people
lyndee pham
lyndee pham Күн мурун
@lyndee_pham you should talk about growing your youtube channel
Vanessa Күн мурун
Callaita by Bad Bunny feat. Tainy
Camille Castillo Romero
Camille Castillo Romero Күн мурун
Omg Mia is hilarious. 😍
Klaudia Czubajewska
Klaudia Czubajewska Күн мурун
9:23 me screaming through my screen : NOOO DONT DO THAT IS GOING TO SPILL EVERYWHERE 😂😂😂😂👀
Keri Nielsen
Keri Nielsen Күн мурун
I love thisssss! I also reallllyyy love Alisha & Remi’s laughs! 🥰🥰🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺
McKenna Gallagher
McKenna Gallagher Күн мурун
I'm really happy for her that she is letting go of her past version on herself and moving on but I am just a little bit sad that she got rid of her back to school vids
Molly Shadburn
Molly Shadburn Күн мурун
Why Dixie in I’d sub
Annies Life x
Annies Life x Күн мурун
Beatriz Rosa
Beatriz Rosa Күн мурун
This was definitely the most chaotic Truth or Drink you ever filmed haha I loved it
Nonnie Webb
Nonnie Webb Күн мурун
Alisha was fkd up 😂😂😂
Aliyah B
Aliyah B Күн мурун
my ig is @aliyahbaranowska and my fav ep is the most recent one!! 💕
Thenextstepforever 5
Thenextstepforever 5 Күн мурун
Omg the jake Paul is exactly what I was thinking when I saw Bryce screaming
Beeplayz Nora
Beeplayz Nora Күн мурун
I need those glasses because when I’m on my iPad I always hurt my neck but they look like a snail with four eyes
Kara Schwitters
Kara Schwitters Күн мурун
If this was filmed in quarantine Tk would be wearing sweatpants
Emily Spence
Emily Spence Күн мурун
9:04 when taurine says goodnight and than it switches to alisha
Samantha Pummell
Samantha Pummell Күн мурун
Happy 100th main channel video
Nikki Alaycia
Nikki Alaycia Күн мурун
Blox girl xoxo
Blox girl xoxo Күн мурун
That’s not Lego friends- .... boo I think charli meant like the girls 🙈 lmao
Addison Verinder
Addison Verinder Күн мурун
IG: addison.verinder I would love for y’all to talk about your firsts
Sara Brady
Sara Brady Күн мурун
I got mine in 2 nd grade
LifeOfPie Күн мурун
the editing starting at 13:39 is eveeeeeerythiiiinnnnnggg
Someone vibing in youtube
Someone vibing in youtube Күн мурун
*manifesting taylor and alisha to be real*
I like Kangaroos to smack my friends with c;
I like Kangaroos to smack my friends with c; Күн мурун
Omg where is Ashley’s rug from
Kanchan Malla
Kanchan Malla Күн мурун
Hi Peeps
Hi Peeps Күн мурун
but... cereal is supposed to be in the milk-
Hi Peeps
Hi Peeps Күн мурун
My dad got the air fryer bc our oven doesnt work lol
Westley Күн мурун
14A Canadian queen
Lucie Bennett 9N
Lucie Bennett 9N Күн мурун
My insta is @luciebnails and I would love if you did a podcast episode on random funny stories you have because I love to laugh when I listen to podcasts!!!! Xxx
Saskia Singh
Saskia Singh Күн мурун
Z s2021 2A Ko Tin Nam Jasmine 2A14
Z s2021 2A Ko Tin Nam Jasmine 2A14 Күн мурун
1:42 alisha foresaw the future omg 😱
Zali Bellerby
Zali Bellerby Күн мурун
Love this video and my Insta is zali_bellerby and my fav prodcast epiosode is the one you posted on the 17th of March 💖
Paige B
Paige B Күн мурун
I got my first phone when I was 5 o.o
Kevin Roman
Kevin Roman Күн мурун
wait, I’ve been jokingly saying to my closer friends and family that I’m going to start KGglobal because I’ve always wanted to do it but I’m like nervous to start off but I guess this video popped up as a sign for me to start it. I’m not really trying to do it for the money but to create and build a platform where I can bring joy and help others... THANK YOU for this!
Darshan Rao
Darshan Rao Күн мурун
I loved the colab with evaaa
p3asantd0bby Күн мурун
"did you sell it? did you make money?" i threw it off my balcony 😛
Sanyogita Sarin
Sanyogita Sarin 2 күн мурун
Timber Kallio
Timber Kallio 2 күн мурун
Yuh alisha be usin apple thoooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Myeisha 2 күн мурун
Someone show this to brent rivera!!😢😂😂
chiquita adams
chiquita adams 2 күн мурун
Can we talk about how excited I was to finally acknowledge how hot Eva's ex Adam is. If he ever breaks up with his current GF can someone tell him to call me??? LOL