TRUTH OR DRINK!!!   ft. Niki Demar
Coming for LaurDIYs Brand!!
4 ай мурун
Sisters Swap Aesthetics!
5 ай мурун
Buying My DREAM Car!!     *i cried
Guske Girls
Guske Girls 20 саат мурун
Can we just talk about how KGglobal commented on Alisha's video!
Savannah Greenawalt
Savannah Greenawalt 20 саат мурун
This is so relatable, it’s so real. I’ve watched you since I was little.
aGirlnameJustin 20 саат мурун
I would literally give my dog away to watch endgame in theaters for the first time again.
Joanna Christodulou
Joanna Christodulou 20 саат мурун
I like stretching as well while brushing my teeth but I only do it at night 😂
Latifa Marwan
Latifa Marwan 20 саат мурун
I got my first phone when i was four but it was a Nokia lol I’m 12 now
Number Six
Number Six 21 саат мурун
Thank god for makeup
Fiorella Ardiles
Fiorella Ardiles 21 саат мурун
Love this Alisha, you give me hope
jenaya ruiz
jenaya ruiz 21 саат мурун
i like soft tacos more i been liking soft better
Jule Braunschweig
Jule Braunschweig 22 саат мурун
this video is EVERYTHIIIIING hahahaahha i can`t
Noorun Ali
Noorun Ali 22 саат мурун
I love you
Nora McCallister
Nora McCallister 22 саат мурун
Does anybody else have the like 2018 blonde long hair like teenager morning routine still playing in their head while they're watching this video
Emilie Raoult
Emilie Raoult 22 саат мурун
Hi :)
Caitlyn Knight
Caitlyn Knight 22 саат мурун
The struggle is real Alisha. I also have no boyfriend but I’m happy that I don’t because I get to focus on myself. I know there are a lot of guys out there and whoever you end up with I will support you. I love you Alisha and I always will and you were the first KGglobalr I ever watched. Thank you for being such a good role model for us.
Amyah Elizabeth
Amyah Elizabeth 23 саат мурун
the way she slicked her brows down before she kept filming 😂💛
Pauline March
Pauline March 23 саат мурун
Naomi Grace
Naomi Grace 23 саат мурун
i had a flash back to Anna from Frozen when i saw your face lol
Emily A.
Emily A. 23 саат мурун
Omg I do the stretching too😂
Thoene Petinger
Thoene Petinger Күн мурун
Lola Pirić
Lola Pirić Күн мурун
ily Alisha
Matilda Brooker
Matilda Brooker Күн мурун
TimeBucks Күн мурун
I love alisha talking about her anxiety so openly!!
Ron Weasly
Ron Weasly Күн мурун
Damn the black hair looks amazin
Serenity Parker
Serenity Parker Күн мурун
I got my first phone when I was six years old
Lou well
Lou well Күн мурун
Hospital Playlist in Netflix is one of my go to dramas. I never get tired of watching it and I hope I can just reset my mind and experience the swoon/feels it gave me for the first time
Shubhi Singh
Shubhi Singh Күн мурун
Queeen for some reasons ♥️
Aleena Justin
Aleena Justin Күн мурун
Ahhhh your the best
Danuta Wańczyk
Danuta Wańczyk Күн мурун
AriannaAllyn Күн мурун
I got my first cellphone when I was 9 years old
Andrea Sanchez
Andrea Sanchez Күн мурун
I wish I could rewatch Degrassi: the next Gen for the time time 🥲
StardustAdventure06 Күн мурун
pillow ily alishaaaa
nai saetern
nai saetern Күн мурун
You have alot of people that care about you
nai saetern
nai saetern Күн мурун
Alisha your life is so perfect
kylie maloney
kylie maloney Күн мурун
Anjali K
Anjali K Күн мурун
Not Alisha going after Niki's "I'm not like the other girls" vibe
Sun S
Sun S Күн мурун
you are really so true to yourself and your followers, like you keep everything soo real ly!
Gloria Yang
Gloria Yang Күн мурун
Monica H
Monica H Күн мурун
I love this video! I can totally relate. Thank you Alisha for showing us the real you and the reality of how life really is without the editing and planning. It's videos like these that are relatable and not deceiving . Thank you, much appreciated. You're so sweet and you have a great personality and strong work ethic. I wish you the best luck in all your future endeavors.
Xavier Gutierrez
Xavier Gutierrez Күн мурун
That morning wake up face time is pure nightmares 🙃 false advertising ☠☠☠
Fiona Small
Fiona Small Күн мурун
is the referral code not working for anyone else??
A Күн мурун
This was like watching dr pimple popper but worse.
Nilqy Күн мурун
What the fuck am I watching
Nilqy Күн мурун
Quarantine bro, it’s all good
_jjk Күн мурун
that "avocado slicer" is such a stupid purchase imo :| you could literally achieve the same results with a knife + a knife is more versatile and doesn't serve only one function unlike that item lmao
Kate Cabrera
Kate Cabrera Күн мурун
hi alisha marie im such a huge fan
Crimson94 Күн мурун
Being a man, I will say I enjoy your videos and watch for your wonderful personality @AlishaMarie
Maddie D
Maddie D Күн мурун
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." -John 3:16
ItZ Sav
ItZ Sav Күн мурун
Crazy how make up can completely change someone’s appearance
kim moses
kim moses Күн мурун
I am so in love with this video ! It is so real and the vibe is just amazing
Sarah Lathen
Sarah Lathen Күн мурун
When they were on tour back in the day and Mia threw Alisha’s S&#@ out the Window While Drunk! LMFAO XD 💩🤣💀
Kyle's Channel
Kyle's Channel Күн мурун
lorde where’s the album?
lorde where’s the album? Күн мурун
y’all we can’t lie we weren’t eating this shit up in 2017😭😭
Terry Smith
Terry Smith Күн мурун
This is why you should never date women that wear a face full of Makeup!
D F Күн мурун
.. I appreciate this
Gracie Johnson
Gracie Johnson Күн мурун
WE DON’T NEED NO MEN The men moving the couch in the beginning: 👁👄👁
Stella’s Life
Stella’s Life Күн мурун
TK is the older sister we all want!
Lynn Persyn
Lynn Persyn Күн мурун
I was 8 or 7
scarlett alldridge
scarlett alldridge Күн мурун
You are an amazing KGglobalr because you help me with anxiety and I am so thankful to have you as a youtube. ❤️❤️
XTreme Gaming
XTreme Gaming Күн мурун
MnS Vlogs
MnS Vlogs Күн мурун
You look good girl, we all look like this when we wake up😹
Shveta Melpakkam
Shveta Melpakkam Күн мурун
Hey lida... I have a video idea.... So I'm a really small youtuber and I want to improve... Could u make a video where you react to really small youtubers' channels and give them tips on how to improve?? (It doesnt have to be my channel) Thank you so much for making everyones day..😘
Abigail M
Abigail M Күн мурун
I love the honesty!!❤️ it makes me feel more connected and makes all youtubers seem so relatable so thank you!!🙏🏼❤️
Abigail M
Abigail M Күн мурун
My movies that I wish Watch for the first time again are maze runner, maze runner:scorch trials, maze runner:death cure, and greatest showman!! You should watch them all!!!!!💐❤️🤩🙏🏼👑
ItsNatalia’s roblox
ItsNatalia’s roblox Күн мурун
Am I the only one that is so sad she deleted her videos!! Like I miss it! Summer isn’t summer without 2016 alisha
vlogs with brooke
vlogs with brooke Күн мурун
Ok 29 trending yasssss
da boyben
da boyben Күн мурун
. Literally 99% won't see this but God bless u stay safe I'm struggling to get 1k with notis ❤️
Sharx Күн мурун
The begining. I subbed
Baked Baguette
Baked Baguette Күн мурун
Dam she belongs to the creeks Catfish jokes
Andres Күн мурун
Isabella Barris
Isabella Barris Күн мурун
Connell_Creates Күн мурун
Would u consider ever going to Lush and getting one of they’re masks? I’d really like to see that in a video if ur interested. 😊💜✨🌈
Natalie H.
Natalie H. Күн мурун
Your skin is looking great!!
Gwendolyn Bauer
Gwendolyn Bauer Күн мурун
Dude this is more aesthetic than my morning
Lily and Alaura Calkins and mitchell
Lily and Alaura Calkins and mitchell Күн мурун
girl love this! pls make more videos like this and productive dayss
Patti Wright
Patti Wright Күн мурун
Probably the movie How To Build a Better Boy. LOVE U
Simply C
Simply C Күн мурун
I seriously *loved* this video and the whole energy and vibe I'm getting! 😌💞✨
Miranda Sharkey
Miranda Sharkey Күн мурун
gurllll ur back!!!! “pillow” 😌
Frodo Teabaggings
Frodo Teabaggings Күн мурун
Hell no😬.
Penny Crabb
Penny Crabb Күн мурун
There are two Alisha’s Insta baddie cool bitch vs 0:02 Ps this is not supposed to be insulting (said with love) 💋’s -P
YouTube Күн мурун
Love this authentic morning routine 💓
Psn: NotSkullFoxGames
Psn: NotSkullFoxGames Күн мурун
Hey KGglobal, I get that this website is growing and you want to appeal to a wider audience but goddamn stop demonitizing videos that are slightly offensive to a certain genre of people.
AlishaMarie Күн мурун
hi hi i’m i’m fangirling
BellDIY Күн мурун
the first 16 seconds 🤣 omg haha this while video was hilarious
Mermaidz_Unicorns Күн мурун