Kaitlyn Keczely
Kaitlyn Keczely 7 саат мурун
Your ready for “hot wench summer”
Chasity Freelove
Chasity Freelove 7 саат мурун
I like that you kinda showed the swimsuit from the back because I like to know if it covers your butt or not I hate buying "thong" suits on accident cause the pictures are lying
Keyashia Freeman
Keyashia Freeman 7 саат мурун
Alisha Marie I watched every ad
Rylee Wilson
Rylee Wilson 7 саат мурун
Kxtîę Çhxvēż
Kxtîę Çhxvēż 7 саат мурун
I love how you can see the gradually get more comfortable with each other throughout the video, I’ve missed this duo
Chaz Jacobs
Chaz Jacobs 7 саат мурун
There were some really cute ones you modeled for sure but they all looked too much alike just different colors you know! thongkini!! lol
Praize Ashardd
Praize Ashardd 7 саат мурун
Liar liar
Patricia Rodriguez
Patricia Rodriguez 7 саат мурун
I need a TK in my . THE LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT just priceless
Jameson Iannotti
Jameson Iannotti 7 саат мурун
Did you say fuckini or funkini lmao
SheltonZane 7 саат мурун
4 The Love of Food
4 The Love of Food 7 саат мурун
Ummmmm the black suit looks amazing
London Alyse
London Alyse 7 саат мурун
isabella 7 саат мурун
do a Shein bikini haul
Veronica Antony
Veronica Antony 8 саат мурун
THONGKINI 🔥🔥 But girl let me tell you! Your confidence is inspiring and gotta love TK for being so supportive!
KAD ! 8 саат мурун
Thongkenie *lol don’t know how to spell* beach babe
Aleks 8 саат мурун
Audrey C
Audrey C 8 саат мурун
Your abs! ♡ Love you bitch! Beach babe
Danica Adams
Danica Adams 8 саат мурун
Phyleine V.
Phyleine V. 8 саат мурун
Thongkini hahaha
Emily McCartney
Emily McCartney 8 саат мурун
peter Ly
peter Ly 8 саат мурун
one word: thongkini 🥰
Bayla Buckley
Bayla Buckley 8 саат мурун
ALISHA!! You looked so good in literally EVERY SINGLE ONE!! Period😌😌
Eimear Whelan
Eimear Whelan 8 саат мурун
Hot AlishaMarie Thongkini
Maria Regarta
Maria Regarta 8 саат мурун
Travis Taylor
Travis Taylor 8 саат мурун
i have a thongkini in my cart ;)
Lexus Robles
Lexus Robles 8 саат мурун
Girl if you don’t throw on a denim or leather skirt over that neon 1 piece and make a fit I’m gonna be disappointed 😩
Laura Gunnink
Laura Gunnink 9 саат мурун
Ella Carole
Ella Carole 9 саат мурун
Thongkini 😂 Love u losh <3
Marina Reyes
Marina Reyes 9 саат мурун
Alisha, try buying swimsuits from SHEIN! Love you.
Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth 9 саат мурун
Anna Bailey
Anna Bailey 9 саат мурун
~thongkini~ ❤️❤️
Emily Han
Emily Han 9 саат мурун
Omg I love your drinking vids with friends, they r always sooo funny💓
Cinnamorolling 9 саат мурун
The neon lights be SCREAMS Alisha Marie!✨👏
Hawon Suh
Hawon Suh 9 саат мурун
im sorry but "CORSET, CORSET," STOP- 😭 edit : its actually corvette lol
Kat Hunsaker
Kat Hunsaker 9 саат мурун
Immediately love the shot, looks great with the sneakers just peaking in on the side. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
AbOoGa 9 саат мурун
i got my phone in 4th grade!
Kiara Aceves
Kiara Aceves 9 саат мурун
Sis you loook SO good! Also, I’m definitely getting a spray tan this week after watching this🤩
mayuri soni
mayuri soni 9 саат мурун
Yass thongkini Queen 🔥
Ashlee Melick
Ashlee Melick 9 саат мурун
Beach babe
Stine Orrestad
Stine Orrestad 9 саат мурун
Sarina A
Sarina A 9 саат мурун
We all need a friend like tk and Alisha to hype us up
Faith Eva
Faith Eva 9 саат мурун
Chloé Nuthall
Chloé Nuthall 9 саат мурун
Absolutely love this video! So real & I had a good laugh too!! 🥰🥰
Sammy Jarrell
Sammy Jarrell 9 саат мурун
Carly Nieves
Carly Nieves 9 саат мурун
anci 10 саат мурун
hey stranger, hope you are having a good day❤
Ronlyn James
Ronlyn James 10 саат мурун
Macy Weatherford
Macy Weatherford 10 саат мурун
Love the Neon Green!!
lovingnicole4 10 саат мурун
A top at target is not $40😂😂😂😂 its literallt $14-$16
Ally Mak
Ally Mak 10 саат мурун
Lara Escalante
Lara Escalante 10 саат мурун
Thongkini IFYKYK
Jonette Escobar
Jonette Escobar 10 саат мурун
Can we appreciate how much bravery it takes to post your body online for everyone to see and alisha is out here doing it just so her fans don’t waste there money- queen shit.
alizziante dillon
alizziante dillon 10 саат мурун
Keira Tennyson
Keira Tennyson 10 саат мурун
thongkini lol
Lara Escalante
Lara Escalante 10 саат мурун
Caroferca96 10 саат мурун
You should try shein bikinis they are not expensive and look booomb! 10/10 recommend
Priskila Eyasu
Priskila Eyasu 10 саат мурун
Thongkini 😂
Emily Berry
Emily Berry 10 саат мурун
You make me so comfortable w my body size! I love how realistic you are with ur ratings instead of just showing us u looking flawless and edited all the time 🥺
Tina Thompson
Tina Thompson 10 саат мурун
MissBirdy1586 10 саат мурун
Tongkini 😜🤣
Christie Reynolds
Christie Reynolds 10 саат мурун
~thongkini~ Hey!! Could you possibly do a video of your closet staples? Like investment pieces, most worn, etc? And include swimsuits in that bunch? We have the same body type and size so what you suggest becomes part of the bible for me. Thick thighs, bum, hips, and tum squish all seem to wear out my clothes quicker so I'm realizing I need to be boujje on the bottom and fast fashion on top.
Lexa W.
Lexa W. 11 саат мурун
Thongkini ummm bet I spelt it wrong tho lol
Isabel Lacey
Isabel Lacey 11 саат мурун
Your videos just make me feel so happy and like I'm with friends. I always turn them on and my mood is instantly lifted.
Maureen Zachas
Maureen Zachas 11 саат мурун
definitely using TK's checklist for bathing suits!
judy katanji
judy katanji 11 саат мурун
Polar Bear
Polar Bear 11 саат мурун
I’m a takis fan
Micha Danilewitz
Micha Danilewitz 11 саат мурун
Kienna Smith-Kassam
Kienna Smith-Kassam 11 саат мурун
Saisha Shetty
Saisha Shetty 11 саат мурун
It's lit ❤️❤️❤️❤️
q u i n n
q u i n n 11 саат мурун
thongkini 🤑
claire van orsow
claire van orsow 11 саат мурун
I'm a size 6 and I never see anyone with the same body type as me do this. This makes me so happy 😊
Ursa McLean
Ursa McLean 11 саат мурун
😍😍😍😍 thongkini
Chloe G
Chloe G 11 саат мурун
ju ard know boo
ju ard know boo 11 саат мурун
thongkiniii boo👏😗
Jordyn Rae
Jordyn Rae 11 саат мурун
Thongkini honey 👏🏼
Júlia Penha
Júlia Penha 11 саат мурун
i feel so good having someone showeing their body that looks kinda like mine! u go girl now i want brazilian bikinis they’re reeealy cheeky hahaha
Amelia Eisenberger
Amelia Eisenberger 12 саат мурун
Thongkini 😉😂
avery c
avery c 12 саат мурун
STOP the malibu clip is so funny😭
Ceili High
Ceili High 12 саат мурун
I actually need to get a THONGKINI😂 just been tanning in a normal thong🤷‍♀️ atleast they match the top so it looks like a bikini
Chester Abas
Chester Abas 12 саат мурун