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We surprised our roommate TK with an epic 24 hour room transformation!! Most of the decor is from Amazon.. haul please? enjoy! xo -Alisha Marie
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AlishaMarie 8 ай мурун
Ayooo, 24 hour room transformation checkkkk!!! Guys I'm OBSESSED with out it turned out!!! Am I an interior designer now? shiiiiiiiiit haha
Joe Gharios
Joe Gharios 3 ай мурун
Gurl you areeee an interior designer now like wft ahhh
Ellie Lazanas
Ellie Lazanas 8 ай мурун
It’s Stephanie
It’s Stephanie 8 ай мурун
Omg you should start series’s of transforming people rooms but if anybody can support my KGglobal channel I would appreciate it 💞
Jess Ewing
Jess Ewing 8 ай мурун
That’s soo cool!!! I wish it was my room!!
Nerisah_xo 8 ай мурун
It turned out so CUTE! ❤
pamela delacruz
pamela delacruz 19 күн мурун
tf can i have that room 😂
Carissa Herring
Carissa Herring 20 күн мурун
Nyssa Raj
Nyssa Raj 22 күн мурун
Sadie Hamilton
Sadie Hamilton 23 күн мурун
I’ve got that mirror in white!! Xx 😘
Rachel Olivia Earle
Rachel Olivia Earle 23 күн мурун
You got to love the forking dogs in the before shots😂❤🐕
fregene1984 23 күн мурун
Please can you Decorate my room in malta
Veronnica Thomas
Veronnica Thomas 24 күн мурун
Yooo with all that tsk room is getting transformed and her getting soooo close with everyone she needs to move in full tome
Gina Silva
Gina Silva 27 күн мурун
You all are so amazing!!! I love all of you !
Avery Grace
Avery Grace 28 күн мурун
Tk: my hearts beating Me: thank god I don’t want you to be dead
Tyler Tapocik
Tyler Tapocik 29 күн мурун
daniel curtis
daniel curtis Ай мурун
i know im really late but editing is amaizing and love you short into
daniel curtis
daniel curtis Ай мурун
this was a great vid i hope tk can stay with yall you have a great relationship thankk you for all your great vids you all are such great ppl omg thanks againn i love you alisha good editing good luck on your next amazing vid love you so much
Carson Randall
Carson Randall Ай мурун
Ok is no one gonna say it but the basketball hoop is not even it’s like tilted
blogs with humaira and alayah
blogs with humaira and alayah Ай мурун
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy omgg
shawnwithachance123 Ай мурун
Liebherr Millen Claire Ombac
Liebherr Millen Claire Ombac Ай мурун
Omg, the best roommates
Kismat Arora
Kismat Arora Ай мурун
Me about to see Tk’s reaction ad comes me be like 🙄🙄😑😑🤬
Dhruti Patel
Dhruti Patel Ай мурун
I feel like Taylor's style is Rebel Modern....I'm not mad about it; it's dope.
Cassie Volgs
Cassie Volgs Ай мурун
I love how TKS room turned out so cute.
Megan Kirkpatrick
Megan Kirkpatrick 2 ай мурун
Next time you put a link to something give us the measurements because I bought that from raw and rebellions and it came way way smaller than yours, thanks a lot
Candice Boucher
Candice Boucher 2 ай мурун
Margaret Graham
Margaret Graham 2 ай мурун
Ashley doing anything to show off her abs:)
Sloan Zachary
Sloan Zachary 2 ай мурун
So I have a question the first time I watched you were mad cause the bed frame didn’t come and now there is a bed frame 🤔
Georgia Golbiw
Georgia Golbiw 2 ай мурун
Angel Feng
Angel Feng 2 ай мурун
Alisha Davis
Alisha Davis 2 ай мурун
hi my names alisha to ... 😃😃🤗🙂😋
Alia Qistina
Alia Qistina 2 ай мурун
Emma Hynes
Emma Hynes 3 ай мурун
Anyone else wanna know what tks TikTok is
Hamesh Goonewardene
Hamesh Goonewardene 3 ай мурун
dam Alisha good job from chante
Amelia Hong
Amelia Hong 3 ай мурун
Elena Marquez
Elena Marquez 3 ай мурун
Me wanting to redo my room BUT I CANT GET A FRIKEN BOOKSHELF FOR LESS THAN 100$
Emma Virostek
Emma Virostek 4 ай мурун
Can TK plz move in with you! You guys love her and I’m pretty sure we all love her and she is just everything!❤️💋👑🧢
Tiktok lovers ?
Tiktok lovers ? 4 ай мурун
kahla irwin
kahla irwin 4 ай мурун
I love how each of the roomies have a different style! Ashley - Boho TK - RED Alisha - Modern // Boho Taryn - Musical Vibes
olivia Miller
olivia Miller 4 ай мурун
My moms name is Kelly too, TK I feel you girl
Signe Ostenburg
Signe Ostenburg 4 ай мурун
1:28 the armpits.
Kate Carey
Kate Carey 4 ай мурун
𝕆𝕞𝕘𝕘𝕘𝕘 𝕤𝕠 𝕔𝕦𝕥𝕖!! 𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕖𝕟𝕤!!👑🥺💜
Lily Barczak
Lily Barczak 4 ай мурун
Holy shit this editing is fire girl 🔥🔥🔥
Ava DeGuff
Ava DeGuff 4 ай мурун
LOVED EVERYTHING ( but the hanging hat )
lol ee
lol ee 4 ай мурун
addsleaked 4 ай мурун
omg Ashley’s six pack is everything 😌😌😌
Malayna Avila
Malayna Avila 4 ай мурун
ho my god it look good good good job
tish talia
tish talia 4 ай мурун
do a 24 hours outside
Bianca Lambarena
Bianca Lambarena 4 ай мурун
You should have have gone those light bubles that change color lol but I love it
Bianca Lambarena
Bianca Lambarena 4 ай мурун
Alisha should have done the room swap after this lol for emergencies
apurva 4 ай мурун
i love the vibe of the video
Juan Bernal
Juan Bernal 4 ай мурун
Do a house tour please
Andie 4 ай мурун
Please stop supporting Jeff Bezos... Start supporting companies who care about their employees..
Ammeya Vijay Yesudas
Ammeya Vijay Yesudas 4 ай мурун
Like seriously , alisha should be a interior designer yo
Ocean wxves
Ocean wxves 5 ай мурун
One I just redid my room and i for those leds I was loving TKS room
Kareena Gaur
Kareena Gaur 5 ай мурун
Hey but if she decides to play basketball does she have to table out or its decor
Bailey Nauka
Bailey Nauka 5 ай мурун
You guys should all redecorate each others rooms than stay in them for 24 hours but like in the swap room video please thank you love your videos you guys are like one of my favorite KGglobalrs please respond.
50k Subscribers before 2022
50k Subscribers before 2022 5 ай мурун
TK and alisha's impresions of each other are soooo funny lol (read my name)
Melissa Alford
Melissa Alford 5 ай мурун
love her reaction
Moushumi Dutt
Moushumi Dutt 5 ай мурун
honestly come do my room gurl❤️
MoMo officials
MoMo officials 5 ай мурун
Lol Tk’s room is so sick like bruuuhhh her room is so noice and I have gotten into makeup recently too and I love makeup now lol 😂 and I don’t have makeup now but I will get some soon ^^ (I love putting on makeup for fun and for occasion) and I am still a beginner tho......
little kitten
little kitten 5 ай мурун
nur asyikin
nur asyikin 5 ай мурун
Tk 's vibe is so amazing ❤️❤️
Madelynn Painter
Madelynn Painter 5 ай мурун
Ashley’s and Alisha’s Abbs are a mooooooodddd
Reese Caulk
Reese Caulk 5 ай мурун
Now I need you to come and redo my room 😂
Emolyn Thompson
Emolyn Thompson 5 ай мурун
such a good video
Talitha Jane
Talitha Jane 5 ай мурун
Meanwhile, my friends don’t even remember my birthday
Aylen Campechano
Aylen Campechano 5 ай мурун
4:44 poor Chloe wanted to get on the bed and neither Ashley or Alisha notice
daffody 5 ай мурун
I just love when alisha just slammed the wall and said mother forking time!!🤣
Carrie Lu
Carrie Lu 6 ай мурун
what song were you playing at the outro?? I like that song. What is it called????
Carrie Lu
Carrie Lu 6 ай мурун
Madi Faraher
Madi Faraher 6 ай мурун
I want Alisha to do my room
Chuanya Chen
Chuanya Chen 6 ай мурун
Im just gonna say it, idk how many times i've wachted this. Im obsessed! ❤️ I have a channel, if you want to subscribe
roger vega
roger vega 6 ай мурун
Anna Ryan
Anna Ryan 6 ай мурун
Quinn A
Quinn A 6 ай мурун
Go to 7:53 time (Industrial Snake) lol
Quinn A
Quinn A 6 ай мурун
*Artificial Snake not Industrial
Luna King
Luna King 6 ай мурун
“This goes in the middle obvii” * Moves it to the *side* later *
Armani Kallander
Armani Kallander 6 ай мурун
" bob the builder YES YOU CAN!!! " lol
Brynn McCarthy
Brynn McCarthy 6 ай мурун
can Alisha come to my house and redo my room
peachy 6 ай мурун
im so sad that tk is moving out now TwT
B 6 ай мурун
How did you guys order those prints in that size because I went to the website and all of the prints are small
Ondy M
Ondy M 6 ай мурун
Alisha:what more could you want a mirror to do? Me: tell me I’m the finest of them all *literal Snow White the evil queen vibes* the women just wanted to be loved😭😂
Brady !!!!!
Brady !!!!! 6 ай мурун
Niknacks are a real thing niki demar that the name of he Juliyare love the room it is amazing
Alyssa Mohammed
Alyssa Mohammed 6 ай мурун
Alisha Pye
Alisha Pye 6 ай мурун
Zenita 6 ай мурун
Alisha please make more videos like this
Liza David
Liza David 6 ай мурун
Ummm, can TK stay as a roommate forever?!
pyt.saniya •
pyt.saniya • 6 ай мурун
TK should honestly stay after quarantine and just live there also alisha should be an interior designer
StudyZone !
StudyZone ! 6 ай мурун
"ive finally did something good in my life!!!!!" Oh you always do. U made me be so productive
Casey Jordan
Casey Jordan 6 ай мурун
Sooo cute
Victoria Sweet
Victoria Sweet 6 ай мурун
So stinking cute !
Carlijn Doorgeest
Carlijn Doorgeest 6 ай мурун
The music in your outro makes me so happy
Belle Llido
Belle Llido 6 ай мурун
this is epic!
c a r e b e a r l o g a n
c a r e b e a r l o g a n 6 ай мурун
emily alvarez
emily alvarez 6 ай мурун
alisha talking about the makeup brush cup omg so cute and so cheap also is $20 for a cup also talk about how cute the basketball hoop is clicks on link also $400
Mrs Mehar
Mrs Mehar 6 ай мурун
Ashley and alisha....friendship/sister goals .hope you guys keep goinghigher love yall❤️
Tucker Twins
Tucker Twins 6 ай мурун
I still can’t believe how all her roommates and her are gorgeous! And how cute the dogs are! U guys are the dream!
Megumi Kiyota
Megumi Kiyota 6 ай мурун
TK has to move in with yall coz yall are like sooo kewl all together
AJ 6 ай мурун
Who else think TK should just stay and be part of the Squad?
Celeste Taylor
Celeste Taylor 6 ай мурун
this is SUCH a cute room omg
Sharon Wright
Sharon Wright 6 ай мурун
My tiktok account is @unicornrubywright my mum's is @sharon wright 30
Amelia Julia
Amelia Julia 6 ай мурун
Me: watching Alisha Ad: dO yOu SlEeP wElL? Me at 1am: 👁👄👁
isoseiki 6 ай мурун
Your live is like living in heaven 😔
Maddy Evon
Maddy Evon 6 ай мурун
Idk why but to me It’s strange that the night stand was almost as expensive as the bed frame
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